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Re: [LUG] Firefox Session Manager Add-on


On 30/11/13 08:58, Neil Winchurst wrote:

> Thanks for that very useful information. I often use BBC iPlayer and I
> have been wondering about channels 4 and 5 and their on demand system.
> Now I know not to bother.

Yeah, the BBC seem to have their heads screwed on properly with iPlayer:
it serves as a lesson in how to do online TV catchup properly (which all
the other players have totally ignored). Well, it would be nice if they
transitioned to HTML5 instead of Flash of course, and they don't store
state information for long enough - if I pause an hour long documentary
half way through and go and make a cup of tea and have a smoke outside,
when I come back and hit play I usually get about 10 seconds of resumed
playback and then it will hang up and seek forever. A quick refresh of
the page will usually pick up playback in the correct position though,
so I can't really complain.

But the ITV, C4 and C5 websites are all completely awful, ad-laden
trash. Once in a blue moon I can coax them into showing me a video but
they're always tweaking things behind the scenes and break from one day
to the next.

If anyone else knows how to make any of those sites actually work on
Linux, I'd like to hear about it. As I said, on the very rare occasion
any of those crappy commercial channels actually have something on I
want to watch, I fall back to a full-screen windows VM.


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