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Re: [LUG] Firefox Session Manager Add-on


On 29/11/13 16:20, bad apple wrote:
On 29/11/13 07:46, Tom wrote:
I have just installed chrome (having installed and uninstalled it after
a trial  many times) purely for the fact that some of their free and
open books will only download on chrome.
Tom te tom te tom

I didn't even have much luck with that: I wanted to watch a documentary
I missed the other day on C5 on demand, and unlike BBC iPlayer, their
crappy website (like the C4 on demand website) is heavily DRM laden so
Firefox+flash just doesn't work.

So against my better judgement I briefly installed Chrome (and then
Chrome-Beta, and then Chrome-Testing) thinking that surely their much
vaunted built-in Flash would be able to handle it: not a chance. I
apt-get purged them straight off my system after that disappointment.

I actually ended up having to watch them in a VirtualBox XP instance, in
full screen, running Internet Explorer. Bizarrely, it actually works
well enough to watch DRM-laden streams.

Thanks for that very useful information. I often use BBC iPlayer and I have been wondering about channels 4 and 5 and their on demand system. Now I know not to bother.



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