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Re: [LUG] Firefox Session Manager Add-on


On 28/11/13 17:07, Simon Waters wrote:

> My first thought was "you use flash"? Hopefully only in Google Chrome these days.

Yes, sadly: I'm not happy about it particularly, but a very large amount
of sites out there rely on it, and I'm not going to either deny myself
access to that content (that's cutting my nose off to spite my face) or
tell clients that I can't resolve their problems with a flash-using site
of some kind because I refuse to install it. That would be very silly :]

Fear not, I have other Add-ons/Settings/etc to control Flash properly,
pernicious flash cookies and LSOs are nuked from orbit when I shut down
the browser, and so on. Saying that, it's incredibly rare for Flash to
actually ever cause any problems - I think last night was the first time
it's properly crashed me out for about a year. It just happened to be
unfortunate timing, when I had a lot of unsaved research stuff open.

I won't touch Chrome at all - I despise it. Why would you install
Google's spying machine on your computer willingly?

> Sorry to be dense but Firefox recovers tabs by default, so what does the add-on 
> provide?

Firefox is one of my most critical tools - it runs all day, every day as
my main conduit for the internet. My workstation build is very, very
customised and is kind of the "Debian Sid" experimental build for the
"Debian Jesse" cutting-edge-but-well-tested builds that I distribute
downstream for several of my clients (and a fair few friends), if that
makes sense as an analogy!

The default Firefox tab recovery is essentially a crap-shoot in my
experience, and doesn't play at all well with the various security
options, nuke-all-browser-data at shutdown defaults I use whilst still
saving critical bits (like the open windows/tabs/groups) to a separate
secure store in my admittedly very complex setup.

To answer your question more directly, Session Manager is just a much
better version of the built-in session restore, and predates it by a
long way (Firefox didn't get a working session restore until ?v16/17 or so).

Unfortunately I've confirmed that Session Manager does still work fine
on my system with vanilla Firefox 25 and even the Dev version of the
plugin still doesn't work with my custom Nightly: specifically, I've
narrowed it down to the auto-save functionality. Manual session saves
still work mostly. Kind of.

This is admittedly a problem of my own making as nobody else is having
this issue it seems. Guess I know what I'm doing for the rest of the
evening then :]


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