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Re: [LUG] personal computer world (PCW)


On 19/11/13 12:49, Tom wrote:
> On 19/11/13 12:20, Paul Sutton wrote:
>> On 19/11/13 12:17, Tom wrote:
>>> On 19/11/13 11:29, Rob Beard wrote:
>>>> On 19/11/2013 10:25, Paul Sutton wrote:
>>>>> Hi
>>>>> I was looking for a music cd and came across 2 cd's of PCW back
>>>>> issues
>>>>> July 96 - June 98 and June 95 - July 97
>>>>> I remember someone mentioning PCW so kept them out,  If anyone would
>>>>> like them they are welcome to them,  a good way to dive in to
>>>>> computing
>>>>> history,
>>>>> pdf format files (sorry tom) and you need 486 or above and a massive
>>>>> 8mb
>>>>> Ram, (lol) and win3.1 the pdfs are also printable apparently
>>>>> Regards
>>>>> Paul
>>>> Do any of them have any adverts for the AMD 486DX4-100 CPU? Actually
>>>> that might be circa 1994.  I just remember it being really funny,
>>>> something along the lines of "100 reasons why the AMD 486DX4-100 is
>>>> better than an Intel Pentium" with one of the reasons about it being
>>>> able to do maths correctly (in reference to the early Pentium DIV
>>>> bug?). :-)
>>>> Rob
>>> I've got a 50MHz 486 upstairs with a gig of ram inside that I cant
>>> seem to part with. It used to outperform the pentium 70 and was not
>>> far behind the 120. Ran Yggdrassil with a 0.91 kernel
>>> ISTR it booted faster than Unity on my 4 core 2.5Ghz AMD....
>>> Tom te tom tom
>> I remember that distro, and 0.91 kernel must have been one of the really
>> early releases. I started a little later kernel 1.0.5 on slackware,  i
>> am sure the cd with that on is still around somewhere.
>> Paul
> CD? You were lucky - that was 30 floppies!
> Tom te tom te tom

Yeah well you had to copy to floppy using rawrite in DOS, :)
b1,b2 for base,  a1, a2 etc for erm applications

Manually partition the drive using fdisk,

I also ran out of floppies so ended up re-using them  of course you also
had a root / boot disk to get things started off,  proper cd rom support
didn't work for me till kernel 2.0.30 i think.  All good fun.

if anyone ever moans about Linux being hard to install its time to dig
out that old PC  and make people do it the hardway to show them how easy
it is to install now by comparison,  heck back then I had to install DOS
/ WIndows manually using floppies.





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