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Re: [LUG] personal computer world (PCW)


On 19/11/13 11:29, Rob Beard wrote:

On 19/11/2013 10:25, Paul Sutton wrote:

I was looking for a music cd and came across 2 cd's of PCW back issues

July 96 - June 98 and June 95 - July 97

I remember someone mentioning PCW so kept them out,  If anyone would
like them they are welcome to them,  a good way to dive in to computing

pdf format files (sorry tom) and you need 486 or above and a massive 8mb
Ram, (lol) and win3.1 the pdfs are also printable apparently



Do any of them have any adverts for the AMD 486DX4-100 CPU? Actually that might be circa 1994. I just remember it being really funny, something along the lines of "100 reasons why the AMD 486DX4-100 is better than an Intel Pentium" with one of the reasons about it being able to do maths correctly (in reference to the early Pentium DIV bug?). :-)


I've got a 50MHz 486 upstairs with a gig of ram inside that I cant seem to part with. It used to outperform the pentium 70 and was not far behind the 120. Ran Yggdrassil with a 0.91 kernel
ISTR it booted faster than Unity on my 4 core 2.5Ghz AMD....
Tom te tom tom

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