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Re: [LUG] Fwd: UK 'misled' on broadband speeds


On 27/07/10 13:51, Julian Hall wrote:
On 27/07/2010 12:16, John Williams wrote:
My parents on BT Total Business package have had a good experience,
I think the key word is Business. Any company will look after business
customers, it's the consumers who get short-changed to compensate.


Actually I know a couple of people on BT Total Business and the service has been between okay to dire. Not to mention they were tied into something like a 24 month contract.

I had BT Total Broadband (the Home offering) with BT Vision about a year ago (alongside Virgin Cable Broadband). The BT Vision side of things wasn't too bad, at least I was able to stream standard definition video at any time of the day (for HD you had to download the video before hand, even on an 8Mbit connection, not sure if it's changed for those customers on ADSL2+). The broadband however was pants, I was lucky to get 4Mbit most of the time and I know the line was capable of 7Mbit as I'd got that from Enta who I migrated from.

I ended up ditching the BT Broadband and Vision. It was supposed to be free (my mum worked for BT at the time and all BT employees got free Broadband and BT Vision either for themselves or it could be passed on to a family member). It turns out BT screwed up the order process and put it through as a residential customer and no matter how much we phoned up (both my mum and I) they wouldn't sort the problem out. In the end I cancelled the direct debit and sent them a letter saying that I was ceasing all BT services including the phone line.

18 months on I'm still with Virgin, I get 20Mbit cable, phone line and basic TV (although we don't use the TV box much) and it works fine, only really had one major problem but that was an outage at Virgin's end which took down broadband and TV for the whole of the South West for a few hours.


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