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Re: [LUG] Fwd: UK 'misled' on broadband speeds


On 27/07/10 13:32, John Williams wrote:
On Tue, 2010-07-27 at 12:58 +0100, Rob Beard wrote:

Try one of the many Enta resellers, 30 day contracts, reasonably good
usage allowances.  For about Â45 you get 90GB peak (that is 8am to 8pm
weekdays) and unlimited off peak (8pm to 8am weekdays and all weekend).



Thank you Rob, I've just had to change my opinion on Entanet after a
quick look. It is going to cost me more, but I think I can live with

Is there anyone on Entanet with experience of their broadband service
and how well they deal with problems when they arise?  Before I leap in.

Well I was with them for 18 months or so, I did have some issues before I left and moved to Virgin but overall they were reasonably good. I haven't however used Enta in over a year now so I can't comment on what the service is like now.

I understand a few folks on the list do use Enta though. You could also look at the ThinkBroadband.com forums in the specific Enta forum...


At the end of the day, if you're migrating then it won't cost anything to switch to them and they offer 30 day contracts so if it turns out that they're not up to scratch you can change ISPs easily.

Is customer/technical support English or will be talking to Justin in
Bangalore ?

They're based in Telford. On the couple of occasions I had to speak to Enta directly (rather than the reseller) they were pretty good. Biggest issue I had was with the speed dropping to about 2 Meg, turns out because I'd been power cycling my router the DSLAM in the BT exchange thought there was a line fault and kept dropping my speed to get a stable connection. I gather this can happen with any ISP on the BT Wholesale ADSL. Took a call to Enta, they reset the BRAS profile and I was back up to 7 Meg again.

Are there any better deals around on packages over 100GB-150GB per month
that anyone has noticed ?

Not really looked. I've heard good things about Be (and O2 LLU) but it does require that you have their equipment in your local exchange.


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