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Re: [LUG] An 'open source manifesto' to counter the ICT cuts


On 21/07/10 22:49, Paul Sutton wrote:
On 21/07/10 22:47, Rob Beard wrote:
On 21/07/10 21:48, Paul Sutton wrote:

I don't think that's going to work, they've just recently taken on a
technician and they've made a big investment in the school.  I'm looking
at maybe putting my time to use in other volunteering aspects such as
the Exwick Community Centre (finishing it off), Lighthouse (um... trying
to get something done other than banging my head against a brick wall)
and what not.  Oh and I've also got to fit in part time work, kids and
my wife's work/volunteering around that too.


With the lighthouse we need a) sponsorship and b ) client computers c)
networking kit,  cables, switches etc, and time / expertise to put it

they are busy enough trying to raise money at the moment so I think the
internet cafe is a nice idea,  but if it is actually achievable i don't


Well if we can arrange a few hours we can possibly get the machines they
had working as client PCs, although it's probably worth taking over a
spare PSU.

Any news about the networking kit yet?


Now that I have finished work I will ask about it

sorry been too busy and getting fed up with the rugby club as I am
trying to arrange courses and no one replies to their e-mail


No problem, fingers crossed my car should be back on the road by next week (assuming it passes the MOT, it's in for repair on Friday) so I should be able to get over to the Lighthouse, and with the kids being off it'll mean I don't have to do the school run.


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