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Re: [LUG] An 'open source manifesto' to counter the ICT cuts


On 21/07/10 20:29, Paul Sutton wrote:
On 21/07/10 20:06, Rob Beard wrote:
On 21/07/10 19:14, Roland Tarver wrote:
On Tue, Jul 20, 2010 at 8:15 AM, Steve Lee<steve@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Miles Berry has put together a good list of ways to make the most of
open source in educational settings.


Those of you have been around open source in education for a while
will recognise the themes that Miles has collected together in a
compelling article that deserves wide dissemination. Pass it on.

Good one. passed on to my 348 friends on face book. haha.
Best wishes.

There's been a few critical comments about it on some forums...


In a way I'm wondering if these folks commenting are right.  I recently
had a tour of the new Torbay Community College site and spoke to the IT
Manager there about what they have.  They were slightly different from
some schools, sure they had some RM stuff in there but they didn't go
for the standard package from RM.  Instead they had assistance
installing some equipment from RM (wireless access points in every
classroom) but they opted for their own solution on the desktops
(Windows 7, Office 2007 I believe) and netbooks for each student.

There was only two technicians at the school as far as I'm aware and an
ICT Teacher who also taught other subjects.  I gather that with close to
800 odd machines, possibly more the resources of the technicians are
limited so maybe investigating and supporting FLOSS applications as a
blanket replacement to Windows/Office etc would be a huge task requiring
the help of someone like RM (who appear to be Microsoft only with their
own proprietary junk on top) or maybe one of the other big players
(Novell, IBM, Redhat?).

It was promising to see that they ran a web based version of SIMS and a
web based VLE (although not Moodle) but they'd need to manage these
systems (they were saying that when a machine goes down they simply
re-image it over the network and it does everything), they would need
custom images building and tools to replicate what they already have
(things like tools to lock down the machines, monitor screens and
stuff).  Okay this could possibly be done, but it's probably beyond the
time and abilities of just two technicians who have to also support the
staff and students in the school (currently around 1,000 people,
possibly rising to 1,200 people).

I'm not saying that it won't happen eventually, but maybe it would be
easier with other schools who already haven't had the sort of investment
that Torquay Community College have had (new building, all new machines


Torbay community college,  where is that, or did you mean torquay
community college


Yeah, got Torbay Council and Torquay Community College mixed up :-)

It's been a long day.


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