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Re: [LUG] Summary Todays Holsworthy Meeting - June 17th


On Sun, 18 Jul 2010, Roland Tarver wrote:

Is pascal still used to teach programming. I believe it was developed
as a teaching language? We used it in college (13 years ago - heck im
old! lol lol)

Hmph. Young whipper snapper ...

I had a summer job programming a computer aided learning suite in UCSD Pascal for the Royal Infirmiray in Edinburgh - that was 28 years ago...
(Before you were born? ;-)

Pascal suffered from lack of proper IO in the reference implementations, which was OK when you were reading from a deck of punched cards, but not from the keyboard. It was 'fixed up' in latter years... IIRC that schools in Lothian went down the Modula 2 route for a while as it was easier to do screen & keyboard IO in, and generally less clunky than Pascal. I jumped to C as soon as I found out about it and never really looked at Pascal again...


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