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Re: [LUG] Summary Todays Holsworthy Meeting - June 17th


On 17/07/10 23:29, John Williams wrote:
> On Sat, 2010-07-17 at 23:11 +0100, Simon Waters wrote:
>> There are plenty of native BASIC interpreters for educational purposes
>> for GNU/Linux, no need to touch WINE.
>> Why you would teach a child BASIC is another question.
> I had considered it as one of the simplest ways to get a basic
> understanding of programming, line numbering to show order, input data,
> print data, use of variables. BASIC just seems to me one of the clearest
> languages to get your head around the ideas. 
>> The real games programmers are mostly C++ junkie - probably not the best
>> place to start - most seem to suggest Java or C# and gentle introductions.
>> Of course the best way to learn programming concepts is to learn lots of
>> different languages, but I'm not sure it helps.
> After he can write basic little programs I would then be after something
> to move onto, I've been meaning to learn Python myself so that might be
> something we do together. I'll probably show him some BASH coding in
> between anyway. 
> He wants to learn to program, so I just need to nurture that and help
> him get going. Fingers crossed he'll stick with it and learn many
> languages just like his ol' Dad (me) did ;)

If two or more people want to learn the same language it really does
help esp when you start off at the same level,

it makes it much easier to help each other and brainstorm ideas, bug
fixes etc,


Next Paignton meeting - Saturday 7th August 2010 - 3pm Lighthouse, Paignton,
Next Holsworthy Meeting -  Saturday July 17th @ The White Hart, Holsworthy.

EVENTS @ THE LIGHTHOUSE, 26 Esplanade Road, Paignton
Friday 16th July Rockabilly night, from 6:30
Saturday 17 & Sunday 18th July Buskathon from 12:30 to 7
Saturday 18th Evening - Student Disco - 7 - 12 (ages 14+)
Monday 19th Don Broko (TBC) 8 - 12pm
Thursday 22nd Tea Party 2pm - 5pm
Saturday 31st Salsa Night 8pm - 12:30
please e-mail devonmusic@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx for more details.


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