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[LUG] Summary Todays Holsworthy Meeting - June 17th


Thanks to everyone who came, especially to Rhia, Tom and Paul who came
up from Torquay.

Lots of interesting discussion, subjects varied broadly, from how much
the speccy sucked (Kidding Rhia.. honest ;))) to how we can perhaps
encroach onto school installs with opensource applications and operating

Multiboot USB sticks were mentioned and I incorrectly stated that there
was a recent article on www.webupd8.com when in fact it was OMG!Ubuntu
and the link is:


Seems a very simple way to setup such a system. I shall be redo'ing my
own I think.

I was also asking about languages suitable to teach a 9year old, Tom
suggested the system that is included in the EToys package which I had
looked at previously. I would prefer something like old skool Basic

I can't really recall much else. The meeting overran slightly, by around
1hr45mins, ho hum ;)

Thank you to Paul for bringing up a few Ubuntu 10.04 install disks and
informational posters for promotion. I shall also be making up a poster
for Holsworthy Computer Services shop to pop up, as Andrew had suggested
we have one permanently on display.

Next meeting is on August 21st which is the 3rd saturday of the month

John Williams
My linux blog of notes and guides

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