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Re: [LUG] Summary Todays Holsworthy Meeting - June 17th


On Sun, 2010-07-18 at 14:00 +0100, Gordon Henderson wrote:
> On Sun, 18 Jul 2010, John Williams wrote:
> > Thanks for the input so far to everyone, PHP was mentioned and I hadn't
> > thought of that one. I do think Gambas would be good to move onto, get
> > into that then perhaps also start on php or I am still tempted by
> > Python.
> Maybe it was me who's mentioned PHP - I do a lot of stuff at the 
> command-line in PHP (as opposed to a back-end/CGI script run by a web 
> server).
> It might actually be an easy way into procedural languages as it (almost) 
> completely avoids data typing - at a superficial level, anyway. A variable 
> can be a number, a string, or some fancy type which is really a pointer, 
> but hidden from you...
> It's also quick and easy to run and debug, but a prerequsite to using it 
> is good knowledge of the command-line - you'll need to know how to edit a 
> file (and nano is fine to start with before moving onto vi or emacs), and 
> basic commands to list files, ls, cat, more/less, pwd, mkdir, cd and so 
> on...
> I guess starting in "Basic" gives you a ready-made "IDE" with a limited 
> set of commands which might make it easier... And I've just had a play 
> with 'brandy'.. And it's almost like I remember it - fiddly keywords 
> required to be in capitals )-:
> Gordon

Ok I think I will cross off PHP. I am 100% comfortable on the command
line but it would be even more for the lad to learn to get started.

Thanks :]

John Williams
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