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Re: [LUG] Thunderbird for spam control


 On 02/07/2010 18:35, Neil Winchurst wrote:
Neil Winchurst wrote:
On 02/07/10 16:12, Simon Robert wrote:
installing TB for windows is easier than falling off a log! Just
download and click on it. Configuring it is slightly more complicated if
you have more than one e-mail account, but not much. And yes it is worth
upgrading your version. If your distros repository doesn't have a 3.x
I'd go to the mozilla download page and download. It's a .gz archive,
but all you need do is unpack it and copy it to /opt or someplace and
then create a menu entry. Nothing to agonize about, honest

Thanks. I am writing this in version 3.1 having installed it on my
laptop, which is used mainly as a test machine. I installed it in
/usr/local/bin to keep it separate from the old version which was in
/usr/bin of course.

So far so good. One difference I have noticed is I cannot use the escape
key to close the email I am reading. I have to use ctrl-w. I must play
with it some more to see what else is changed.


And as a further difference, it appears that with version 3.1 the
English UK dictionary is incompatible. I like to check the spelling as I
type. Does anyone know anything about this please?


Hi Neil,

I've had no issues with the English British dictionary - in fact I'm using it now to write this mail. I'll send you the xpi file in a separate mail if you want to import it manually.


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