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Re: [LUG] Thunderbird for spam control


On 02/07/10 13:15, Neil Winchurst wrote:
Julian Hall wrote:
Yeah IMAP will make things a breeze. Also TB3 has a nice feature when
creating a new account where it checks common ports and settings and
tries to figure out your incoming/outgoing mail settings (similar to
Evolution but more visual).

You can't go wrong with TB3 for OE users, it's a lot better and the
people I've got using it agree and have had a pretty hassle free time.

Just upgraded to 3.1 and Lightning (the Calendar add-on) updated to 1.0b2


Thanks. I have looked at the download site, and it seems easy enough. I
will have a go for my wife later on and let you all know how it went.

Meanwhile it occurred to me to check my own version, which turns out to
be! Would it be a good idea to upgrade my own Linux version?
Are there enough goodies to make it worth while?


installing TB for windows is easier than falling off a log! Just download and click on it. Configuring it is slightly more complicated if you have more than one e-mail account, but not much. And yes it is worth upgrading your version. If your distros repository doesn't have a 3.x I'd go to the mozilla download page and download. It's a .gz archive, but all you need do is unpack it and copy it to /opt or someplace and then create a menu entry. Nothing to agonize about, honest

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