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Re: [LUG] Thunderbird for spam control


On 02/07/10 08:16, Neil Winchurst wrote:
Rob Beard wrote:

I prefer individual in-boxes myself, but that's what I got used to with
Thunderbird 2.x.  I guess that might not be an issue with only one mail
account though.

Thunderbird 3.x is also now smart enough to detect mail server settings
for a lot of ISPs etc.  It's not fool proof, but it covers a lot of ISPs.


Thanks, now I have to remember how to install on Windows. I suppose that
  the Windows version of TB will be an exe file? So I just run that to
install it?  It is so long since I did anything like that on windows!!


Yeah should be easy enough. Goto www.getthunderbird.com (on your wife's PC) and it should suggest you download Thunderbird 3.1 (not sure if it'll suggest British English, it might detect your location and offer it). Then download the EXE file, double click on it and follow the wizard choosing the default settings.

When you first run Thunderbird it should give you the option to import mail from other applications. Since you're using IMAP you might get away without backing up the Outlook Express files, although it could also be a good idea to do that just in case.


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