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Re: [LUG] Compiling a Kernel for troublesome hardware


 On 02/07/2010 16:01, Simon Robert wrote:
On 02/07/10 13:15, Julian Hall wrote:
 On 02/07/2010 11:24, Rhia Knowles wrote:
Someone on the list mentioned they compiled their own Kernels,
possibly Gordon. I tried this once when I was just starting out with
Linux (I was trying to install Gentoo) and decided I needed more
guidance if I didnt want to go the Microsoft route and produce the
most bloated thing I could.

This laptop is looking like it's going to need a custom Kernel if I
want to keep it up to date, so I'm wondering if anyone has a guide to
the modules so I can read through and decide which bits I do and dont

A friend of mine once built his own kernel from the ground up, and called the distro Phuqnose (apologies to those of a delicate disposition). When asked what he intended to call it, he replied..... yes well you can fill in the gaps :) It did not go well, but it *was* funny :)


Not being agressive or mocking or anything, just interested. What hardware have you got that needs you to make it a custom kernel? There are so many distros out there that seem to pick up even what seem (to me anyhow) to be obscure bits of hardware. And if your chosen distro doesn't support whatever is it not easier to install the module for whatever rather than build the entire kernel? I know if it was me doing it I might tick the box for the "obscure" hardware, but probably miss low level stuff that has to be there.


This was my friend, not me. He'd taught himself Linux from zero to company Hostmaster for the ISP in 12 months, and just wanted to do it to prove he could I suppose. I don't think there was any specific need as such.


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