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Re: [LUG] Thunderbird for spam control


Julian Hall wrote:
> TB works fine on Windows, although I've only used in on XP and 7. 
> Current version is 3.0.5 and I would suggest getting the Lightning addon
> as well (Calendar) so you basically end up with an open source
> equivalent to the full Outlook that works better and faster than the
> baby brother Outlook Express.
> As for spam control, I don't have any issues with it - I do like the
> ability to use a white list - basically filter any mail from people not
> in your address book either; to a blacklist folder as I do - safer but
> it's still downloaded; or deleted from server - could delete mail from
> friends who change addresses or badly behaved mailing programs that
> never use the same From: address.
> One key decision to make when you install is if you want all mail to go
> to a global Inbox or to separate ones for each account.  Either way you
> can still set-up filters for each account or global.
> Kind regards,
> Julian
Thanks for all that. We have our email accounts set up on our web site
(IMAP) so each of us has our own account. So a global inbox for each of us.


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