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Re: [LUG] Ad blockers


> On 27 Mar 2017, at 12:50, Neil via list <list@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I am wondering, how can anyone be so accurate? 42 percent?? That seems a bit too 
> exact to me. Since I hate all ads I just move on elsewhere. I am wondering, 
> however, how do sites lose money due to an ad blocker? 

They lose ad revenue. But 42% seems way too much.

There is a big debate about how much ad blocking takes place. But it's probably 
under 20% in desktop and mobile user base by most estimates. 

Also the numbers I see from Ad block software providers are orders of magnitude 
smaller than numbers you see from advertisers. So either there are an awful lot of 
Ad blockers, a lot of Ad blocker software copying, or maybe the advertisers are 
making it up/mismeasuring.

Nitpick - Numbers without error bars can be overly precise but have no indication of 

We lose 42% of our ad revenue (+/- 41.9%)

I'm not adverse to the "prob ability is 0.41254 +/- 0.12" type answers,(e.g.  high 
precision with huge error bars) as although they are overly precise it is usually 
because someone used a computer rather than just making the numbers up. 

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