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Re: [LUG] upgrades, part two


On 08/02/17 17:41, mr meowski wrote:

This is an easier question: xfce4-terminal 0.8.4 will be part of
xfce4.14 which isn't yet available:


The unstable build 4.13 is available from PPAs or you can build the
developer source tree if you want (you don't) to update but 4.14 is a
while out yet, so I really wouldn't bother. You're fully up to date as is.

What is less clear is where are these error messages coming from? What
is the context - is this from an apt command in a terminal or synaptic
output? It's bit weird that it's alerting you to the presence of
*upstream* source packages at all...


Since I use xfce as my desktop I subscribe to the xfce user list. Regularly there are messages about some programs or packages which now have a new version available, and they always take the form as I showed in my email. I have never understood how to use them. That is really what I was asking. it isn't an error message, it is an update message.


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