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Re: [LUG] MAC address on Android


On 16/01/14 23:34, Mesar Hameed wrote:
On Mon 13/01/14,23:04, Julian Hall wrote:
This is why I have a list of all MAC addresses I know about and what
equipment they relate to. I have occasionally seen 'Unknown' but a
quick look at my list tells me what it is.  What /does/ wind me up
with Android is the inability to change the device name from
'android_[miscellaneous hex string]'.  It's a real pain in the
backside, especially if one of my friends is over with his phone
and/or tablet and I have mine on as well.  Looking at the list of
connected devices just gives four lots of 'android_[etc]' which
tells me nothing at all.  However, it's not a big enough pain for me
to root the phone if that were the only way around it.
rooted/cm11 here, but think I remember that it was available when running
stock 4.1.2 on an s3.
You don't have anything under settings -> Developer options -> Device hostname?


Nothing at all Mesar, and a bit more Googling last night suggests it was introduced in 4.2, but mine said there was no update available when I tried it..


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