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Re: [LUG] MAC address on Android


On 13/01/14 22:13, George Parker wrote:

> My phone always has the first 3 as 00:08:22: then random.
> I've had a closer look and find I've misled a bit. I have a tablet,
> cheapy direct from China running Android 4.1 and that returns the same
> MAC address every time. My phone is also a cheapy direct from China
> running Android 4.2 and this is giving the problem.  I'll see if I can
> dig out the details of where I got it and email them.
> More worrying is an entry in my client list that gives:
> Client name: Unknown
> MAC address:  F0:A2:25:A1:99:A1
> IP address:
> Valid time: 01:39:22
> All my devices have a client name so I presume that this is an outsider
> hooking into my Wi-Fi. I do have it password protected on

Um yeah, if you *really* don't recognise and can't account in any way
for that IP address then you definitely have more serious things to
worry about than randomised MAC addresses...

You don't have WPS enabled on the router do you? Definitely check that,
and enable strictly WPA2 only for authentication if you can, not WPA/WPA2.

But surely it's just your set top box, games console or some other
networked gadget you've forgotten about?


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