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Re: [LUG] MAC address on Android


On 13/01/14 14:50, Julian Hall wrote:

On 13/01/14 11:35, George Parker wrote:
Setting up a new router I have a problem. I allocate my 2 PC's and a laptop with fixed IP's as it makes it easier to make them talk to each other over NFS. They are identified by their Mac Address. I tried to allocate fixed IP's to my 2 Android devices but they give a different MAC address each time they connect over WI-Fi. I thought that the MAC address was fixed for a piece of hardware. If not I can't allocate a fixed IP to my devices as the MAC seems to be the only way to do this.

There again, I maybe don't need to do this with my Android devices as I don't think I can use NFS on them.


Hi George,

To the best of my knowledge the MAC address is the physical device address and doesn't /ordinarily/ change. The one time I /have/ seen it change was when Microsoft made a complete feline's rear-end of an update which meant every time a Windows 7 Phone was shut off it changed MAC address on reboot. Given that example it is theoretically possible, but I've never seen it on Android. A friend of mine visits regularly so I have his tablet and phone in my allowed MAC addresses for WiFi and never had to change them. Ditto for my brother with his Apple based kit (iPhone, laptop and kids' iPad).

Kind regards,


Have you searched into the android device for the MAC address? It's very likely to be hardwired - you normally pay a lot extra to be able to change it - look in setting/wifi or something...
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