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Re: [LUG] MAC address on Android


On Mon, 13 Jan 2014, George Parker wrote:

Thanks to you all but I think that Grant has the answer here. I am looking at my router client list and if I switch off the wi-fi on my phone, then back on again it reconnects with a different MAC.

What a strange phone.

The whole point of the MAC is that it never changes - it's unique for each device. It's not supposed to change. The manufacturer is supposed to assign a unique MAC for every device they make - and once upon a time I was the person responsible in a company making network devices to ensure that all our products did get a unique MAC...

I've just checked with 2 Android phones of mine - they keep the same MAC between reboots - which is as intended.

If yours changes, then its really really weird - and what protections are there to make sure no 2 devices on the same LAN have the same MAC?

MACs on servers are often used to bind licenses too - and while it's possible to change a MAC it's really not "the done thing"....


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