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Re: [LUG] MAc address changing was Re: MAC address on Android


On 13/01/14 18:22, Tom wrote:
In the early days your MAC address was hardwired into the 'ethernet' card by the manufacturer. You could normally only send IP stuff out through the hardware and the MAC address was automatically put into the data packet by the hardware. You could buy a more expensive card that allowed you to send out the the IP stuff where the MAC address was software controlled - this allowed you to host lots of IP addresses from one ethernet port. But these cards were several times the cost of hardware controlled cards. Obviously they can be picked up in skips now so if someone was spoofing your MAC address this was how they was doing it. For a phone (or Android device) to change it's MAC address on reboot requires a full refund.
Tom te tom te tom

I'm going back at least 10 years with that example Tom, so hopefully your first comment about the MAC being hardwired - PROM chip? - encoded would have been current.


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