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Re: [LUG] VDSL Router


On 08/01/14 17:33, Rob Beard wrote:
Well the new Draytek Vigor 2860n supports both ADSL and VDSL but it's
not cheap (about 240 quid IIRC).

Too much for me.

If you're getting an engineer to install the FTTC for you it gives you
loads more choice. You'd then be able to get a "cable" router which is a
basic router with an Ethernet WAN port rather than an ADSL modem
(although I did find recently some of the newer ADSL routers can be
configured to turn one of their LAN ports to be turned into a WAN port
(I've seen this on a Netgear DG2200n I believe, it's 40 quid in PC World
right now).

I have a Netgear router at the moment. so I will check that one out.

I guess it also depends if you want to upgrade your Wi-Fi, there's lots
of routers which do the faster N wireless speeds (N600 and N900) or even
AC standard wireless, although you might end up having to upgrade your
existing wireless adaptors if they're a couple of years old.

Yes, a new router should use the n speeds. I am not bothered with the new ac type, too new.

You'll probably find a N300 Wi-Fi cable router for about 30 quid, TP
Link aren't bad (some of them even work with the open sauce DD-WRT
firmware), on the more expensive scale you've got Netgear (not bad,
maybe not as tweakable as some routers but consumer friendly) and then
you've got ASUS which I also understand uses DD-WRT but I might be wrong
on that one.

Anyway hope this helps a bit.

TL;DR get a cable router and work out what wireless speed and range you
want, maybe check some online reviews.


Thanks, will try searching for 'cable router' instead of 'VDSL router'.

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You are kidding, right?


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