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Re: [LUG] New tablet computer


On 02/01/14 20:25, Tom wrote:

> oops wrong link!
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices#Working_with_phablet-flash Doesnt
> look harder than installing linux a few years back.
> So you can get a nexus 7 or 10 and turn it into back into a real
> computer - and the lady in question can get her sysadmin to do this for
> £130 for a second hand nexus7 and the sysadmin can get a trio of spares
> and still be up on the deal.
> I've got a mate who's going to try it on his phone  and as soon as a
> version for the 5 comes out I'm trying it - if I'm not busy with the new
> Dell Chromebook and crouton coming out in feb ish or that damn
> parallella may have arrived.
> Tom te tom te tom

You know what, I think I'm going to agree with you.

Actual Ubuntu running on any tablet rather than a native OS like Android
or IOS is always going to be a better choice and a nicer experience -
and none of the perpetual snooping either, providing you get rid of
those horrid scopes.

So, as I said, the only real choices are still the iPad or the Nexus: to
be fair, comparing the price of a top-end brand new iPad Air to a second
hand Nexus is obviously going to be in the Nexus' favour - second hand
iPads are considerably cheaper than new ones as well. The Air is still
going to win any hardware comparison with even a new Nexus hands down.
In Neil's case, I highly expect that he'll be a lot happier setting up
the Nexus with Ubuntu than trying to jailbreak and tame an iPad as well.
I imagine the Nexus will also accept and happily deal with a great deal
more no-name, cheap accessories like keyboards and dongles, unlike the

Providing the recipient of the new tablet knows someone prepared to do
the sysadmin work for them and can get Ubuntu on their tablet to do
everything they need, it's almost definitely the stronger choice. If
money is no object and/or Ubuntu on a Nexus won't cut it, then it's iPad
time (my girlfriend has several specialised Apps and tools that are
strictly iPad only - there wasn't any realistic choice for her).

Think we've solved this one then.

I would be willing to bet though that any non-technical lady, with all
other things being equal, confronted with a choice of Nexus vs iPad and
a couple of minutes to play on either, well, she'll take the iPad every


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