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Re: [LUG] Hardware Encrypted SD


On 30/11/13 18:19, Martijn Grooten wrote:
> Crypto is hard, implementing crypto is even harder and implementing good
> crypto is incredibly difficult. So if you want to use crypto to protect
> information that would be of interest to GCHQ, don't even think about
> using your own brilliant new crypto.
> But there are certainly cases where steganography can be useful. Say,
> you work for a medium-sized organisation and you want to blow the
> whistle about some illegal and/or immoral activity a colleague is
> involved in. Hiding the information inside some 'ordinary' traffic or
> data could be useful in such a case.

Oh yeah, definitely: steganography can be very useful - just again,
don't try and make it yourself. Out of curiosity (I've never thought to
look before) Debian says:

ghost@failbot:~$ apt-cache search stegan
mat - Metadata anonymisation toolkit
outguess - Universal Steganographic tool
python-stepic - Python Steganography in Images
samhain - Data integrity and host intrusion alert system
snowdrop - plain text watermarking and watermark recovery
steghide - A steganography hiding tool

> In general, ensuring your data "doesn't look like encrypted data" is a
> bad idea.

Yep. A really, *really* bad idea. At one place I consulted for a few
years back we had one young and dumb "bright spark" who didn't think the
workplace rules applied to him, and hit upon DNS tunnelling: yeah, like
I hadn't thought of that.

One OpenBSD logfile later and he was back in the job market.


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