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Re: [LUG] Hardware Encrypted SD



Provided power consumption is not an issue, get an external desktop (i.e. not USB powered) hard drive, use LVM to create partitions, and use Luks to encrypt it. There's no need for hardware encryption unless you have large data throughput, and in that case, you want something more powerful than a Pi.

For basic instructions about Luks, I wrote a short page at http://thewikiman.allsup.co/BasicLvm to remind me next time I need to set stuff up on Lvm.


I will be buying my very first Pi a week on Friday and one thing I would really like to have is an SD card that supports hardware level AES encryption. My reasons for this is I would like to set up a mail server on the Pi and so would like to keep the data private and figure i'd probably get better performance if the encryption was done at a hardware level.

Does anybody know of such a product and do they exist? A quick google would suggest there is no such thing.

Has anyone done a software level encryption on a Pi and is there any noticeable decrease in performance?

Thanks in advance


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