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Re: [LUG] Hardware Encrypted SD


On 28/11/13 00:22, Daniel Robinson wrote:
> Thank you for your great response to my question.
> If the Pi can't give me hardware level encryption what alternatives to the
> Pi is there that will support this function which I desire?
> I want something small, that uses minimal power, silent operation and
> supports Debian.


I've only had the briefest of looks (and I don't own a Pi personally)
but it looks like it is possible to use standard encrypted LUKS volumes
on the Pi SD card. Not being familiar with the bootloader/etc on a Pi,
I'd say you'd definitely want to test it thoroughly for bugs before
putting it into pseudo-production as a mailserver or whatever.


PS: live.com is still Junking some of the mails from this list, despite
it now being whitelisted specifically in my approved senders list. AND
Microsoft saw fit to reverse the Junk ban I put on their own
admin@xxxxxxxx address. Classy!

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