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Re: [LUG] Hardware Encrypted SD


And before I forget, ensure that there is a separate backup copy. A single SD card can easily fail. A single hard drive can fail as well. Also, you should look into SMART monitoring on hard drives so that you can have scripts in a cron job keep track of any information from that you should be aware of. (Basically get SMART data, pick out certain fields and apply a simple text processing script to see if what's in that field is ok.)

OT: On another note, I often like to write simple instructions, either for myself or others, on a site at my webhost, called thewikiman.allsup.co. It's a simple wiki (that is, it's 440 lines php, 200 lines css, 130 lines javascript) with all sorts of random pages on. I've written one:
that is a beginning of a type-in style introduction to Bash. I learned by typing stuff in, seeing what happened, and learning (and in the mid to late 90s, that's was about the only way when accessing the internet was a half-hour walk to uni), rather than having loads of theory to read, and this is an attempt to do likewise. Historically, I grew up on an 8bit Amstrad CPC, and in those days magazines had type-in programs (sometimes 'pokes' for games, sometimes programs to do something interesting), and learned a lot by wondering what each line did.

You can also go to http://thewikiman.allsup.co/rc to see recent changes, many of which at the present time are notes about how to do things with Linux.


On 29/11/2013 10:37, John Allsup wrote:

Provided power consumption is not an issue, get an external desktop (i.e. not USB powered) hard drive, use LVM to create partitions, and use Luks to encrypt it. There's no need for hardware encryption unless you have large data throughput, and in that case, you want something more powerful than a Pi.

For basic instructions about Luks, I wrote a short page at http://thewikiman.allsup.co/BasicLvm to remind me next time I need to set stuff up on Lvm.


I will be buying my very first Pi a week on Friday and one thing I would really like to have is an SD card that supports hardware level AES encryption. My reasons for this is I would like to set up a mail server on the Pi and so would like to keep the data private and figure i'd probably get better performance if the encryption was done at a hardware level.

Does anybody know of such a product and do they exist? A quick google would suggest there is no such thing.

Has anyone done a software level encryption on a Pi and is there any noticeable decrease in performance?

Thanks in advance


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