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Re: [LUG] Google removes Cyanogenmod Installer from their App Store


On Fri, 29 Nov 2013 09:41:14 +0000, Julian Hall <linux@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
>'Web giant claims app encourages users to void their warranty.
>Google has kicked the open source CyanogenMod Installer out of its
>Play Store after claiming the app was in violation of its developer
>Missing the obvious point, I think, that those able to use Cyanogenmod 
>also have the technical ability to find it elsewhere and install it 
>manually from an APK, thus making the whole exercise pointless.

Mixed feelings on this.

Probably this shouldn't be on the Play Store anyway as less technical
users will try it and probably lose stuff from not backing up
beforehand and then create a bunch of bad feeling about the mod and
modding in general.

On the flip side though the whole thing has been good publicity as far
as letting people know that there is an alternative to running the
vendor provided bloatware on their devices. Especially when Google are
doing everything they can to make Android effectively closed source by
replacing all the open source apps with closed source versions.


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