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Re: [LUG] Firefox Session Manager Add-on [resolved]


On 28 Nov 2013, at 18:39, bad apple <mr.meowski@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> My faith in Free/Open Source software is sometimes tested, but just as
> frequently, it's validated :]


> Interestingly, as I tend to do full builds every fortnight, this is my
> first Nightly build since Australis* landed from the next-UX channel on
> Nov 18th. I kind of like it so far, I think, although there is some
> obvious derivation from a certain other mainstream browser that I don't
> like very much...

Indeed, quite a few. 

Can't say the emphasis on tabs was a problem, but the square tabs do look ugly.

However Safari does square tabs, but by leaving out the favicon and the X to close 
when it is not needed, and dropping down not up, and slightly better default colours 
Apple make them look perfectly fine.

Classic Firefox, they add a load of customisation features, which are head and 
shoulders above competition, and then use them to make it look like they are simply 
copying the competition. Seen the same in KDE, but then I'm not sure aside from 
geeks most people want a lot of ability to customise their browser, they just want 
it simple to use.
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