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Re: [LUG] Firefox Session Manager Add-on [resolved]


My faith in Free/Open Source software is sometimes tested, but just as
frequently, it's validated :]

One quick chat with a Mozilla Dev later (who didn't once curse me out
for doing crazy, unsupported hackery of their lovely codebase) and some
great advice leading to a one line change in my
~/SRC/mozilla-nightly/src tree and boom: a quick clobber and re-compile
and everything's back up and running.

I am now using the Dev version of Session Manager instead but everything
is working perfectly again, including my critical pre and post Firefox
launch scripts.

Interestingly, as I tend to do full builds every fortnight, this is my
first Nightly build since Australis* landed from the next-UX channel on
Nov 18th. I kind of like it so far, I think, although there is some
obvious derivation from a certain other mainstream browser that I don't
like very much...

Case closed.



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