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Re: [LUG] Google and adwords OT


On 27/11/13 23:41, Kevin Peat wrote:
> I have been an adwords user for about 5 years [recently stopped] and
> to be honest I think it is largely a con. I have a seasonal holiday
> business and I noticed that although you get more clicks during the
> Summer season there is a base level of clicks even during the Winter
> although those clicks don't seem to translate to business. Also the
> Google bid suggestions are often way higher than you actually need to
> make to get on the first page. If adwords didn't exist I think
> everyone would still get the same business so it's really just an
> expensive Google tax.

If it doesn't work, stop doing it (as you have).

But I can categorically state for the right business with the right
products it works.

Ultimately advertising is like war, if no one starts it, everyone is
better off, but if someone starts you better be prepared.

> Google organic search is also totally screwed for a lot of
> businesses. They give way too much weighting to keyword stuffed
> domains regardless of link quality or site popularity. If you start a
> new business today I think you basically need to name it like
> <town><business segment>  eg. Paignton Plumbers, to give yourself a
> chance on Google.

Plumbers have a geographical base anyway, such people need Google
Business Listings (or whatever they have renamed it to).

Yes got them a keyword stuff domain, but for friend in business the
secret was business listing with (+ve) reviews. Sure they are ranked
really well, but the ranked pages come after adwords and business
listings are prominent beside Google maps. Reviews are key here,
basically said you need more good reviews than others in your business
and area and you will be ranked 1.

Facebook advertising engine is also impressive, but you want to be in
the right sort of space for people to want to buy when using facebook -
think social events.

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