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Re: [LUG] Hardware Encrypted SD


On 27/11/13 23:00, Daniel Robinson wrote:
> Does anybody know of such a product and do they exist? A quick google
> would suggest there is no such thing.

Ironkey and Kingston do USB encrypted flash drives with AES256, which
could be mounted and rebound for all relevant partitions. But expensive,
and complex....

I would do it in software. Quick Google suggests that really old ARM
processors at 50Mhz could do 0.5MB per second of AES256, so guessing the
Pi processor will be able to handle a steady stream of encrypted writes
at a few MB/s, which is a LOT of email.

I'm not sure the Raspberry Pi is the mail server of choice, I always
ensure mail servers have mirrored storage but I suppose you could plug a
couple of drives in to a Pi. But there are disk arrays out there that
will also be your mail server.

Wear levelling systems can impact on encryption. Not sure if, or what Pi
does for this. Encrypt first is the secret, as long as nothing sensitive
touches the storage before it is encrypted all should be well.


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