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[LUG] Google and adwords OT


Hi all 
Do you mind if I have a rant about Adwords?

I did a favour with a site (php error) and then was asked to look at
improving site ranking,  and after doing keywords work, looked at
adwords. (This IS a job for the boys...... perpetual virtual work
chasing invisible goals)

It seems to me that to get on the top four (1st page) you need to pay
google to do it.

So they have set up a system which makes you pay for getting noticed
even though you would have been first, if your keywords had been allowed
to do their job. AND, just because you haven't got a daily budget of Â10
to hopefully get 60-80 clicks now you won't be found...
To entice you into this mire of deceit the site is getting "Do this
(conversions, and start new campaigns, track this, put our code here
between the Body Tags) and get (Scrummy) Adwords Credits Â30 Â50 ..."
As you expect I was asked to Implement the Credits jump the hoops hit
the targets, and see the Credits appear on the Billing Schedule.

For Â80 of Secured Credits took about 1/2 hour work ( what should I
charge?) .. ( don't answer that)
Am I right or (hopefully) I have got this all wrong. Tell me it's a fair
righteous system that gives each site the very best chance of being
found on the Internet.  Funnily enough I have only looked at Google... 
Should I be doing this with other search providers?

yours, frustrated 



Kevin Lucas
Minions Post Master(Sub) 
A dedicated Linux user
Skype minions_shop
FaceBook Minions_shop
Po House, Minions,
Liskeard Cornwall 
PL14 5LE

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