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Re: [LUG] Google and adwords OT


On 27/11/13 22:29, Kevin Lucas wrote:
> It seems to me that to get on the top four (1st page) you need to pay
> google to do it.

Depends on your screen resolution, font size and browser window, but yes
if enough people are paying for relevant keywords, they will appear in
the top 3 or 4 slots.

> So they have set up a system which makes you pay for getting noticed
> even though you would have been first, if your keywords had been allowed
> to do their job. AND, just because you haven't got a daily budget of Â10
> to hopefully get 60-80 clicks now you won't be found...

Depends, unless I'm specifically buying something that the advertisers
are spot on for, I skip the ads. Of course that means the people paying
get first crack at the high conversion rate surfers.

If they want to learn about a product first, they may skip the ads, this
is where content rules. If your shop site explains what a product is,
how it is used, etc, they may end up there and stay to buy.

> Am I right or (hopefully) I have got this all wrong. Tell me it's a fair
> righteous system that gives each site the very best chance of being
> found on the Internet. 

How much do you pay to use Google Search?

They've indexed all of human knowledge pretty much, and let you search
it with incredible precision and power, and you want it without ads? I'm
sure if you make the folks at Google an offer, they'll do you an ad free
Google (well you can lose them in various ways if you are keen).

They had revenue of about $44 billion US dollar from advertising last
year, not all from search, I dare say if you offer than ~$20 billion a
year they might consider dropping adwords for desktop search.

> Funnily enough I have only looked at Google... 

85% or so of UK search driven traffic is via Google. There may be
mileage in advertising at alternatives merely because most people don't
bother. If you can be #1 in Bing for the same price as #4 in Google,
well you'll convert a lot more of the searcher into visitors for the
same money. For small advertisers who can blow their whole budget on the
minority search engines it might be good enough.

On the other hand there are diverse strategies for AdWords. You can also
look for more specific or more obscure keywords, and corner those for
very little money, the extra traffic Google has means you will get hits
sometimes for more obscure search terms. Specific is good because Google
have to decide between ads on how well they match search terms, versus
how much people are paying (and prepared to pay), thus being more
specific is cheaper, but of course fewer searchers, but also very
specific search terms mean a high chance of conversion and sale.

Think terms to match "Buy a computer to run Ubuntu in Exeter"
Rather than matching "Computer than can run Linux UK"

Some other markets are more diverse in search engine use - China, Russia.

Another strategy to consider is places people go to buy, e.g. Ebay,
Amazon, Google Shopping etc. These bring people in buying mode to your
products, usually the costs of doing this are comparatively low compared
to advertising (often the marginal cost is low, but the set-up cost is
high), so I was busy integrating people's online stores into these
services until I switched jobs.

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