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Re: [LUG] Google and adwords OT


On 27/11/13 22:29, Kevin Lucas wrote:
> Hi all 
> Do you mind if I have a rant about Adwords?
> I did a favour with a site (php error) and then was asked to look at
> improving site ranking,  and after doing keywords work, looked at
> adwords. (This IS a job for the boys...... perpetual virtual work
> chasing invisible goals)
> It seems to me that to get on the top four (1st page) you need to pay
> google to do it.
> So they have set up a system which makes you pay for getting noticed
> even though you would have been first, if your keywords had been allowed
> to do their job. AND, just because you haven't got a daily budget of Â10
> to hopefully get 60-80 clicks now you won't be found...
> To entice you into this mire of deceit the site is getting "Do this
> (conversions, and start new campaigns, track this, put our code here
> between the Body Tags) and get (Scrummy) Adwords Credits Â30 Â50 ..."
> As you expect I was asked to Implement the Credits jump the hoops hit
> the targets, and see the Credits appear on the Billing Schedule.
> For Â80 of Secured Credits took about 1/2 hour work ( what should I
> charge?) .. ( don't answer that)
> Am I right or (hopefully) I have got this all wrong. Tell me it's a fair
> righteous system that gives each site the very best chance of being
> found on the Internet.  Funnily enough I have only looked at Google... 
> Should I be doing this with other search providers?
> yours, frustrated 

I think the issues about getting a fair crack of the whip is called net
neutrality,  which is being taken away from us by the big companies
buying their way to the top

not sure I am sure others can comment further





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