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Re: [LUG] OT. remove MS Office 2013


> Thanks. Update on what I saw. 1 Windows 7. 2.Yes, his computer
> supplier put MS Office starter on machine  as 'an advert supported
> and thus free version' but with also with a full copy of Office
> 2010 trial; which he never used. 3. I had found the link 
> http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2739501 But was wondering if anyone
> on LUG had used it? 4. In control panel I saw three versions of MS
> Office: starter 2010, MS Office 2010 ( I assume the trial version)
> and MS Office 2013.
>> From some browsing I see many problems to get rid of this lot,
>> hence
> request if anyone had experience. 5. I did not check Bing stuff,
> but on my own Win 7 machine there are two set ups: Bing Bar and
> BING both inactivated from starting in my CCleaner start up, but
> loaded to avoid 'nagging; on Windows updates. I had not checked his
> program list for Bing bar, but found it impossible from inside
> Google Chrome's settings to remove or dis-activate. Except that if
> I started his Chrome by 'run as administrator' the Bing bar and its
> load of adverts disappeared thus confirming it was a software add
> in which was invisible.
> 6. Any help appreciated if anyone has used this. I assume someone
> may have used the fix-it to get the pre-loaded MS Office stuff off
> a bought machine before loading a Linux set up or dual booting.

Don't bother with the fixits, they're generally either useless or
completely unnecessary.

The two tools I linked, run as an Admin, will rip out 99% of the stuff
you want to get rid of (including the pernicious toolbar stuff).
Personally, I won't touch Chrome for obvious reasons but I do remember
on client boxes, it doesn't seem to have the same obvious Tools >
Addons/Plugins settings section as say, Firefox, but they are buried
in there somewhere, you just have to really dig (or google for it,

In non-enterprise setups, where you can't control your dumb windows
clients with gpedit/WSUS, etc, Microsoft will try and sneak rubbish
like Bing and Silverlight past you on every other run of Windows
Update. Whilst annoying, there is a fix for this: uninstall both. Run
update - both will reappear in the optional updates section. Deselect
both. Run Update again: they'll be back - it's because there are
several versions available, even if the version numbers aren't listed
so it's unclear. De-select again, re-run Update. After 3-4 goes, you
will finally have iterated through all versions and they will
disappear properly. Teach your friend this, and make sure they know to
check every future update that a new version hasn't suddenly cropped
up (and it will at some point).

Rather than use dodgy fixes like CCleaner (which is otherwise a pretty
handy tool to be fair) to block startup programs, enforce this
properly via msconfig, as an Admin from the Run dialogue. Use the
services tab to blacklist any rubbish.

You might also want to do a couple of runs with this tool to get a
really deep look at what your Windows box is trying to do at startup:



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