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Re: [LUG] OT. remove MS Office 2013


On 25/11/2013 15:44, Rob Beard wrote:
> On 25/11/2013 14:43, Eion MacDonald wrote:
>>   Dear folk,  20131125
>>   Tried to help a neighbour with MS Office /email problems yesterday.
>> 1.Put him onto LibreOffice to sort out his reading emails .doc and .docx
>> attachments.
>> Now need to remove from his computer the copy of MS Office 2013 trial
>> version he downloaded, I can
>> find instructions for that, but I have never removed a downloaded MS
>> Office before.
>> Any kind help or points appreciated.
>> He had downloaded MS Office 2013 so he could read .docx attachments sent
>> to him  which are not readable in his ACER provided
>> MS Office 2010 Starter a reduced Word/Excel very basis set up,  (a free
>> attempt by MS to compete with OpenOffice from 2009 to 2010 now
>> discontinued)
> Actually Office 2010 starter was a paid for product, I believe only
> available to OEMs, he might have had it bunged in when he bought the
> machine.
>> 2. MS Office 2013 trial also placed BING BAR in ALL browsers and also
>> installed BING and Skype.
>> 3. Having got him off MS onto LibreOffice, I want to remove the Bing
>> stuff and he also wants all MS office stuff removed.
>> I find MS Office 2013 has rendered the MS Office 2010 folder blank, but
>> his old MS Office 2010 Starter works from shortcuts in task bar.
>> I am confused.
>> Any help appreciated.
> Is it Windows 7?
> If so (god knows if it's the same in Windows 8), I'd start by looking in
> the Control Panel for Programs and Features (formally known as
> Add/Remove Programs, I think it changed in Vista).
> You'll probably find Office 2013 and the Bing stuff is in there.
> Failing that, this might help:
> http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2739501
> Rob
Thanks. Update on what I saw.
1 Windows 7.
2.Yes, his computer supplier put MS Office starter on machine  as 'an
advert supported and thus free version' but with also with a full copy
of Office 2010 trial; which he never used.
3. I had found the link
But was wondering if anyone on LUG had used it?
4. In control panel I saw three versions of MS Office: starter 2010, MS
Office 2010 ( I assume the trial version) and MS Office 2013.
>From some browsing I see many problems to get rid of this lot, hence
request if anyone had experience.
5. I did not check Bing stuff, but on my own Win 7 machine there are two
set ups: Bing Bar and BING both inactivated from starting in my CCleaner
start up, but loaded to avoid 'nagging; on Windows updates.
I had not checked his program list for Bing bar, but found it impossible
from inside Google Chrome's settings to remove or dis-activate. Except
that if I started his Chrome by 'run as administrator' the Bing bar and
its load of adverts disappeared thus confirming it was a software add in
which was invisible.

6. Any help appreciated if anyone has used this. I assume someone may
have used the fix-it to get the pre-loaded MS Office stuff off a bought
machine before loading a Linux set up or dual booting.

Eion MacDonald

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