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Re: [LUG] OT. remove MS Office 2013


On 25/11/2013 14:43, Eion MacDonald wrote:

  Dear folk,  20131125
  Tried to help a neighbour with MS Office /email problems yesterday.
1.Put him onto LibreOffice to sort out his reading emails .doc and .docx
Now need to remove from his computer the copy of MS Office 2013 trial
version he downloaded, I can
find instructions for that, but I have never removed a downloaded MS
Office before.

Any kind help or points appreciated.

He had downloaded MS Office 2013 so he could read .docx attachments sent
to him  which are not readable in his ACER provided
MS Office 2010 Starter a reduced Word/Excel very basis set up,  (a free
attempt by MS to compete with OpenOffice from 2009 to 2010 now discontinued)

Actually Office 2010 starter was a paid for product, I believe only available to OEMs, he might have had it bunged in when he bought the machine.

2. MS Office 2013 trial also placed BING BAR in ALL browsers and also
installed BING and Skype.
3. Having got him off MS onto LibreOffice, I want to remove the Bing
stuff and he also wants all MS office stuff removed.
I find MS Office 2013 has rendered the MS Office 2010 folder blank, but
his old MS Office 2010 Starter works from shortcuts in task bar.
I am confused.

Any help appreciated.

Is it Windows 7?

If so (god knows if it's the same in Windows 8), I'd start by looking in the Control Panel for Programs and Features (formally known as Add/Remove Programs, I think it changed in Vista).

You'll probably find Office 2013 and the Bing stuff is in there.

Failing that, this might help:



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