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Re: [LUG] Fwd: FTTC - follow up


On 19/11/2013 13:13, Tom wrote:

Given that I've got approx a mile of copper to the cabinet (well hole by
the side of the road) I think not.
However tests have been done and no problem has been found and I'm
miraculously back up to 2meg so someone must have leant on that button
by accident.
Tom te tom te tom

A quick Google search suggests you'd get 10Mbit on FTTC, although still not brilliant I guess. Not sure about where you are but in Torquay at least BT have been stringing fibre between poles, so maybe that's an option for those folks who are too far from a cabinet (or maybe on a cabinet that doesn't have enough subscribers to be viable).

Of course knowing BT, this could be wishful thinking unless you're high up in BT and have a second home in the area or unless another company comes in to offer something.


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