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Re: [LUG] Fwd: FTTC - follow up


On 19/11/2013 13:07, Neil Winchurst wrote:
On 19/11/13 10:25, Tom wrote:

Not sure if its relevant but my BB is 0.11Mbps Download and 0.44Mbps
Upload - must be softening me up to buy a service
Tom te tom te tom

I usually get around 12 Mb/s download even with my current set up. If it
goes below 10 I moan. But then I am only about 800 metres from the
exchange, while you Tom are much further away. I am wondering if
anything other than Fibre to the Premises would be any use to you.


<Yorkshire Accent>

12Mbit?  That's luxury!

At one of our sites we're lucky if we get 2 Meg, and that's shared across lots of users

</Yorkshire Accent>



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