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Re: [LUG] Fwd: FTTC - follow up


On 19/11/13 13:07, Neil Winchurst wrote:
On 19/11/13 10:25, Tom wrote:

Not sure if its relevant but my BB is 0.11Mbps Download and 0.44Mbps
Upload - must be softening me up to buy a service
Tom te tom te tom

I usually get around 12 Mb/s download even with my current set up. If it goes below 10 I moan. But then I am only about 800 metres from the exchange, while you Tom are much further away. I am wondering if anything other than Fibre to the Premises would be any use to you.


Given that I've got approx a mile of copper to the cabinet (well hole by the side of the road) I think not. However tests have been done and no problem has been found and I'm miraculously back up to 2meg so someone must have leant on that button by accident.
Tom te tom te tom

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