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Re: [LUG] Simple programming language


On 17 November 2013 17:25, stinga <stinga+dcglug@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
At the end of the day language is not important how to program and logic is what I am trying to teach.

Well said. That puts you miles ahead of most. So do that! Do pen-and-paper/whiteboard lessons on boolean logic and propositional logic and truth tables and binary and block diagrams of von Neumann architecture computers *first*.

You haven't mentioned logic programming, as in Prolog, specifically. That takes you on into first-order predicate calculus, but you don't have to tell them that's what it is if it sounds too scary. It would be fascinating to see how kids took to it as a first language -- most of us struggle to unlearn procedural/imperative thinking when we come to Prolog. Meets all your stated requirements, of course.

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