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Re: [LUG] Simple programming language


On 17/11/13 17:01, Mark Evans wrote:
Gordan's RTB appears to work on a remote X server. Including the
portable edition of MobaXterm.
Though graphics performance is much slower. Especially when rtb is
running on a pi. (They'd only need one...)
And I have a pi, but it runs on Linux so I could just bring in my all purpose box with a handle, from music for shows to dmx light controller and more!

I want to teach them programming not how to battle with a GUI to get output to a screen!
Simple small logic programs like, calculate prime numbers.

Thinking about the no GUI I think I could have been more specific... Don't mind a GUI just don't want to have to code for it. So if it was a GUI with a code editor and a run/output screen maybe with debug that would be fine. Don't want a Visual (insert lang of choice) IDE.

In other words
10 print "hello world"
20 goto 10

Should produce output, I shouldn't have to deal with canvas/screen/windows/msgbox's or what ever just to make it work

I would be happy with
edit program
run program

edit program
compile program
run program

At the end of the day language is not important how to program and logic is what I am trying to teach. Of course being able to make an Android app will at some point be on the cards to keep the interest going. :-)


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