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Re: [LUG] FWBACKUPS.. How long should it take?


From: Julian Hall <linux@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: DC LUG <list@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Sunday, 17 November 2013, 22:52
Subject: [LUG] FWBACKUPS.. How long should it take?

Hi All,

I installed fwbackups today to, obviously, back my system up.  All I selected was / (6.8Gb) and /home (5Gb) (on separate physical partitions).  The destination is a 1Tb (Raid 1) NAS on a Gigabit network.

It's been running now since 1448 and is not even halfway through operation 2 of 3.

Is this a bad idea that should be junked, or will subsequent backups be incremental?

Kind regards,


I back up only /home in OpenSUSE Linux and about 2 hours to an external hard disc over USB 2.
However I back up two work machines  (dual Boot as Windows/Outlook necessary for my client's company) and have done so for last ten or so years using Paragon Hard Disk Manager which is actually a Linux program.
Imaging once per month is a two to three hour task for about 350GB to an external USB 2 hard disc. While a copy documents only is about a 1.75 hour task which is done weekly with incremental back ups 3 incremental to one full.
I find it best to defrag Windows discs before back up. This is necessary to cut time from say 5 hours to 3 hours.
I have used image to replace  c drive (windows and OpenSUSE) systems only on a couple of occasions when I screwed up  the Windows machine.
Speeds appears to depend on USB speed and the external hard disc write capability as well as the read capability cache of internal hard disc.
This year I invested in a WD My Book Live to store work documents from two computers and it appears to work successfully in background, but does not contain an 'image' I could use to write to raw metal.
Eion MacDonald

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