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Re: [LUG] DVDs won't automount in Mint 15 inc Link!


On 06/11/13 17:37, Julian Hall wrote:
> On 06/11/13 16:28, bad apple wrote:
>> As for not having a /dev/sr0, that is highly suspicious. Have a
>> good grep through the /dev directory, preferably when you do
>> actually have a DVD mounted, and see what device is getting
>> assigned to the unit and if there are any symlinks created
>> (/dev/cdrom, /dev/cdromX, etc).
> OK now it's mounted after a reboot.  In /dev I have symlinks for:
> cdrom, cdrw, dvd, dvdrw
> sr0 now exists in /dev
> Kind regards,
> Julian

This is definitely a bit odd... especially as the unit works perfectly
in win XP/7 every time, I think we can ignore all the corner cases
like firmware updates, region locking or hardware faults completely.
It's Linux Mint specifically which is being the pain here.

When you finally have the DVD mounted under Mint, what does /etc/mtab
look like? I had to go and search through the living room to actually
find a film DVD, but when I did eventually find one, this is what I
see in mtab:

/dev/sr0 /media/ghost/RATATOUILLE udf
0 0

And this is what my "udevadm monitor" output on insertion/eject:

KERNEL[5497.135978] change
UDEV  [5497.163009] change
KERNEL[5515.025056] change
UDEV  [5516.772498] change

You're obviously not seeing anything like that, so something is wrong.

Have you got the udisks2 package installed? If not, install it.

I've also belatedly realised that of course your DVDs could be in
either iso9660 or UDF format, with UDF actually being more likely. I
think the only thing you haven't reported back on yet is whether
forcibly mounting the disk via the terminal is working, and that's
probably the single most important factor. If manual mounting is
operational, it's just down to sorting through the udisks2/udev/dbus
subsystems to see which one is sabotaging you. If manual mounting
doesn't work, well, then something even more strange is happening.

It seems that perhaps the auto-detection in Mint is somehow timing out?


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