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Re: [LUG] DVDs won't automount in Mint 15 inc Link!


On 06/11/13 00:38, Julian Hall wrote:

> Yes that makes perfect sense.  I haven't tried data DVDs to be
> honest, all the DVDs thus far have been movies.  As you mentioned
> libdvdcss it's highlighted that perhaps I haven't been clear enough
> describing the problem as I've been fixated on the mount issue.
> Once the DVD mounts it plays perfectly well in VLC Media Player.
> To answer the second part of the question, tonight for instance I 
> rebooted Mint three times with the same disk in the drive and only
> on this last attempt did the DVD mount.  So the first case is
> true, sometimes it mounts and sometimes not - it is not disk
> specific. Also it will only mount if a disk is in the drive at
> boot, and will not auto-detect if a disk is inserted when the
> system is already running.
> I may have confused the issue mentioning BluRay, I was simply
> referring to the drive model not the disks in use - I don't have
> any actual BluRay disks yet.  All disks I have tried so far have
> been standard definition DVDs.  IIRC I mentioned the drive type as
> I was curious if it might be some kind of compatibility issue.

Interesting. First, grab a couple of known-good data DVDs, preferably
ones you've burnt yourself, and stick them in, and see what happens.

When I say "see what happens", I mean apart from waiting for the icon
to hopefully appear on your desktop and in Nemo, more importantly run
"dmesg" in a terminal and check the last few lines where there should
be obvious DVD-related information. Post them here if you're not sure
how to interpret them.

Repeat this a couple of times with a couple of your film DVDs as well,
checking dmesg every time.

Other things that may be going wrong:

1: screwed up udev rules
2: libdvdcss2 not actually as installed as you think it may be*
3: strange group/permission settings (are you in cdrom/plugdev?)
4: problems relating to region settings on your DVD/bluray unit

It would definitely be worth testing that you can always manually
mount disks of any kind first, to rule out deeper errors. If you have
issues with this, the problems are deeper than automount being broken.

I'm sure you know how, but to be on the safe side:

sudo mkdir /mnt/dvd-test
sudo mount -t iso9660 /dev/sr0 /mnt/dvd-test

Your unit might not actually be /dev/sr0, but probably is. It's almost
undoubtedly linked to /dev/cdrom.

If it turns out that only film DVDs are having issues, it may be that
either your libdvdcss2 isn't correctly installed and you'll have to
follow more instructions** to clear the cache. It's worth pointing out
that some drives/disk combinations can actually take a couple of
minutes for the CSS key to be cracked, believe it or not.


* follow the instructions here:

** from the same page, further down

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